BMW Launches Electric Car Rental Program

Photo courtesy of DriveNow USA

Photo courtesy of DriveNow USA

When a product is a hit, everyone wants in on the action. As Tesla continues to dominate headlines and rack up sales, other electric car manufacturers such as BMW are positioning themselves to make major moves in the market.

BMW Looking To Make A Move

Looking to carve their niche in what is quickly becoming a crowded market, BMW has launched DriveNow, an e-car rental program in San Francisco. Individuals who join the program are offered an adapted Series-1 coupe which is powered by a 170hp electric motor “which develops full torque from a standing start for aggressive acceleration,” according to an article at

DriveNow Offers Low Rental Rates, Other Perks

Rentals are available through the DriveNow program for $12 for the first 30 minutes and $0.32 for each additional minute of driving. In addition to the relatively reasonable rates (at least for those driving short distances), BMW also offers free parking and charging at an DriveNow station. Even better, there’s no annual or monthly fee and no insurance is required. BMW claims the DriveNow program will allow drivers to test its products and earn the company free publicity in the process.

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