Where To Rent Portable Refrigeration Storage

Photo courtesy of Portable Refrigeration Storage

Photo courtesy of Portable Refrigeration Storage

Let’s imagine for a moment that you a popular local chef who has been asked to cater an outdoor wedding in the middle of nowhere. How do you plan on keeping certain items cold? Or maybe you’re a fisherman who needs to make sure the latest catch stays fresh until it reaches its destination. Or perhaps you’re a medical non-profit that needs to keep vaccines and other medicines refrigerated during a missionary trip to Africa.

Regardless of which of these three situations you may find yourself in, there is in fact a single solution: refrigerated containers. Whether you are looking to store perishable products such as fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat until they reach the consumer or need to ensure that vaccines, plasma, drugs, or other medical products remain safe and effective, refrigerated containers and trailers are the answer.

Logo For Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc.In addition to the above applications, refrigerated containers can also be used to store a variety of perishables including food, wine, field research materials, chemicals, and overflow inventory which cannot be subjected to heat. Refrigerated storage containers allow for strict temperature control and are often portable which means the quality of your products is ensured and they can be stored and shipped safely.

Find Portable Refrigeration Storage in 13 States

Are you a farmer, fisherman, or business owner in need of a refrigerated storage unit? Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. has the container you need to protect your products. Insulated and equipped with an “all electric” cooling system, portable refrigeration storage containers can maintain temperatures from 0-75 degrees Fahrenheit. The units are designed for outdoor use, delivered on a flat or tilt bed trailers, and utilized for ground storage. The units range in size from 10-53 feet and are also equipped with lockable double doors to provide safe and secure storage. The containers are available for rent in 13 states and Portable Refrigeration Storage offers both short and long term leases.

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