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This heavy equipment information is sponsored by Volvo Rents. The local Volvo Rents Sacramento CA construction equipment rental location specializes in backhoe rentals, skip loaders, and a variety of tractors equipped for use in the construction and landscaping industry.

World’s First Hydrogen Powered Tractor a Boon to the Environment

Green Construction Equipment Tractor Design
The world has its first hydrogen powered tractor, thanks to New Holland Agriculture. The NH2 tractor is part of New Holland Agriculture’s Energy Independent Farm plan – an energy efficient concept that would have farmers produce their own hydrogen using water and electricity from biomass, biogass, solar panels, and wind farms.

What’s so remarkable about the NH2 is that it’s not just a concept or clever PR; it’s a real, working, 106 horsepower prototype that’s on par with Holland’s T6000 tractor. On par, but nearly silent and producing zero emissions. Additionally, the fuel cell engine in the NH2 produces far less heat than a traditional combustion engine. Producing no emissions and less heat isn’t just good for the environment; it also produces health benefits for farmers working in confined areas like animal pens.

Green initiatives are certainly not a new topic within various sectors of the construction industry related to heavy equipment, manufacturing, and working environments. Furthermore they are at the forefront of many construction companies and government agencies agendas. Programs like Prevention Through Design Initiative  launched by the National Institute For Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) focus on moving the United States towards a “Green Economy“. The creation of heavy equipment like the NH2 Tractor is certainly a step in that direction and hopefully just the start of heavy equipment and industrial machine developments that are beneficial for the environment and healthier for those working around them.

About Volvo Rents of California:

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    I always enjoy reading about “green news”. My wife and I have bought a farm in a really breezy portion of Costa Rica determined a great firm to represent us for just a potential wind farm project.