Tips For Traveling with a Special Needs Child

Special Needs child on beach

Summer Vacation Creates Lasting Memories

Summer vacations with your family are some of the most cherished moments of life. No matter if a trip has more short-comings than not,  family vacations supply us with a lifetime of memories to share over and over again. Preparation is key when planning family excursions, especially if your a child manages special needs.

Unfortunately, many parents with special needs children eventually opt out of going on a long-distance trip after considering the extensive preparation and safety concerns involved. Meticulous planning is a requirement, but these same families don’t have to sacrifice their enjoyment and chance to make lasting memories due to the physical handicap of their child. Resources are available for every kind of traveler on any budget–including special needs families.

Medical Support – Parents traveling with a special needs child sleep better when they have verified immediate medical assistance is available in the travel destination area they will be visiting. It is also important to chart your course and consider what the viable care options are on the way to your travel spot. Check your local provider for viable doctor-to-doctor planning options before traveling.

Equipment – Take the medical equipment you know you’ll need during the trip–especially if you’re driving to your destination. Fortunately, durable medical equipment rental companies are located nationwide. By pinpointing available medical equipment providers located in your travel area, you can possibly reduce the need to pack and transport durable medical equipment (DME) which can be rented at your destination.

Documentation – If you need a note to take an unapproved item on a plane, the complex care center at your local children’s hospital may be able to provide necessary documentation for safe and efficient travel. It’s ideal to call the TSA  before booking a flight with your special needs child. Don’t forget to bring documentation of your child’s ailments. Most hospitals are willing to help you plan your trip if using airlines.

Safety– Is your child medically safe enough to travel? Any potential health concerns that can arise when traveling can be itemized by the child’s physician.

DME Rental in America’s Most Popular Vacation Areas

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