New Safety Rules for Scooter Rentals on Florida Beach

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Panama City, FL Implements Safety Requirements For Scooter Rental

Although convenient as well as fuel efficient, scooters require cautious operation out on the road. To help protect riders, city officials in Panama City Beach have adopted new safety regulations for companies renting scooters. According to an article in The News Herald, the Panama City Beach Council voted unanimously to approve new regulations requiring rental companies to make customers wear a reflective safety vest and carry a signed safety brochure while riding. Additionally, the rental companies must also outfit each scooter with a special flag for visibility.

Other provisions, such as a helmet mandate, insurance requirement, and customer training area, were eliminated from the ordinance at an earlier meeting.

The intention of the new rules, according to the city’s police chief, is to keep riders safe. Violators of the new rules, which go into effect in early June, can be fined between $100 and $500, a civil citation that would be tried in court if it were to go unpaid. Opponents of the new ordinance – mainly rental business owners – say they are in favor of improving safety but find the new regulations to be burdensome.

Currently, there are approximately 1,000 scooters for rent along Panama City Beach.

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