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Mainley Babies Looks to Make Travel With Kids Easier

While I’m sure some couples with children might prefer to vacation alone on occasion, I understand this isn’t always an option. The truth is, traveling with kids can be a bit overwhelming. From navigating your way through the airport with your little ones to driving long hours on the open road in a confined space to making sure everything you need is packed into your carry-on bag or stuffed into the trunk of the car, there’s a lot to deal with before you can start enjoying your vacation. One startup company in Maine, however, is helping to lighten parents’ load by offering baby gear rental.

Based in Yarmouth, Mainely Babies rents “everything from car seats to baby monitors and offers delivery and pick-up at the Portland International Jetport, vacation homes, or anywhere within 35 miles of Portland,” according to a story in Bangor Daily News.

The company’s founder, Rebecca Russell Spear, a mother of two, started the baby gear rental business with a friend after using similar services on recent trips to Florida. According to the article, there are about six baby equipment rental companies in Maine including Maine Sherpa Babies and Ciao Baby Equipment Rentals but Spears’ company is the first to cater to vacationers to Portland.

To help ease parents’ concerns about cleanliness and germs, the company sanitizes its rentals with eco-friendly cleaners including the popular organic line BuggyLOVE. Spears, who also authors the blog Mainely Mama, and her business partner have contacted hotels, rental properties, nannies, and wedding planners to build brand awareness.

The company, whose goal is to “alleviate stress for travelers,” is expects a busy summer.

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One thought on “Portland, Maine Home of New Baby Gear Rental Provider

  • ShellWhip

    Wish I would have known about this when my son was younger. We made numerous trips to San Diego to visit my sister and always had to lug all that gear around. It was a pain.