Father’s Day 2014 Gift Ideas You Can Rent

Father and Son

We all take our parents for granted at some point or another. Those of us who were fortunate enough to have our biological parents directly involved in our lives are often as guilty as anyone when it comes to this subject. Personal grudges and grievances of “what was”and “what could’ve been” are futile attempts for us as human beings to make sense of this crazy life we’re thrown into from birth. With age comes wisdom and the understanding that your parents are just as unsure and imperfect as yourself.

Time is short. It sounds preachy and sanctimonious but we should all take the time to let those close to us know we appreciate them. When you hear elders make this statement growing up as child, you nod your head and go on with life–feeling bulletproof. It’s not until you get in your 20s and family members and friends start passing away, then you realize how fleeting it all really is.

To celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday June 15, lets enjoy life and live in the moment. Have fun, do something you ordinarily wouldn’t do. Rent It Today has a few ideas to get your gears turning. You don’t have to act on these suggestions, but it’s definitely food for thought. We wouldn’t steer you wrong.

  1. Golf Club RentalsGolfing – Here’s one you can’t go wrong with. Open, fresh air, blue skies overhead, and a leisurely paced game of golf. Is your dad a beginner to golf? If so, Golf Clubs Away is your golf rental resource on Father’s Day. Arizona mens golf clubs for rent here.
  2. Motorcycle Riding – Whether you’re planning on taking dad on a tour of Cannes, France or the mountain passes of Colorado, we can connect you with motorcycle rental companies around the world. Columbus International will have you touring the French Riviera in style on one of their motor bike rentals. Staying state-side? Racy Rentals offers great motorcycle rental rates in Los Angeles.Exotic Car Rental
  3. Exotic Cars – Make the old man think you’re going out to the local steakhouse for dinner only to surprise him with an exotic car rental in the driveway. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin and more are all available for dad to cruise the town in. Find exotic car rental providers here.
  4. ATV & Dirtbikes – Live in Georgia? Check out Durhamtown Plantation. With over 6,000 acres of pine forest to explore, you’ll get lost in the beautiful countryside with dad on your choice of a mountain bike, quad, Jeep, or dirt bike rentals. If that’s not enough, they also offer a rifle range, fishing ponds and managed hunting.
    Bike Rentals

Did You Know?

  • Father’s Day started as an unofficial holiday on June 19, 1910. Sonora Dodd heard a Mother’s Day sermon in 1909 and wondered why father’s weren’t celebrated with their own holiday.
  • It wasn’t until 1966 that President Lyndon Johnson declared the third Sunday of June Father’s Day.
  • President Richard Nixon made Father’s Day a permanent holiday in 1972.
  • Although an American holiday, Father’s Day is also celebrated in many forms around the world, including Thailand and Germany.

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