Willie Nelson Tour Bus Available to Rent Soon


Photo courtesy of zimbio.com

Photo courtesy of zimbio.com

I’ve never been a big fan of country music but I don’t think you have to be to appreciate the work of Willie Nelson. One of the greatest country music singer-songwriters of all time, Willie Nelson is an American icon who was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame back in 1993 and has also acted in over 30 films. Willie, in a word, is a legend.

For those wondering what life was like on the road with Willie, you may soon have the chance to get a small taste. According to a recent story in the Austin Business Journal, Willie’s old tour bus may soon be available for rent. Earlier this month, Vintage Innovations owners Michael Tashnick and Taylor Perkins raised $100,000 to purchase a 1983 Eagle used by Willie Nelson Family Band drummer Paul English posted on Craigslist by a Dallas-area buyer. The well-maintained bus is outfitted with modern air conditioning, a lavatory, and other amenities and features a unique airbrush design on its exterior.

The company, which owns a fleet of customized vehicles and Airstream trailers, is the fifth owner of the bus. Since the close of the sale, the company has received offers from several others for double the purchase price of the bus. They hope to make the bus available for rent beginning on June 1.

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