What is The World’s Largest Bulldozer?


If you need to move a lot of dirt, look no further than the Komatsu D575A-3SD. Manufactured in Ishikawa, Japan, these monster bulldozers are the world’s largest and most powerful bulldozers. Standing at 16 feet tall, 41 feet long and 24 feet wide, the D575A-3SD stands alone as the world’s most powerful bulldozer.

Guaranteeing traction at 331,000 lbs, the Komatsu super-dozer can withstand the toughest applications. The video above illustrates how it makes quick work out of a full-size pick-up truck and mobile home. Yes, that’s right–two D575A-3SD’s devour a trailer home in seconds. The primary application use for this behemoth is in West Virginia, for Alpha Natural Resources in Appalachia. A grand total of 17 Komatsu D575A bulldozer’s currently operate the West Virginia coal fields.

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