Five Ways to Throw a Memorable Casino Party

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A Casino Party Is Fun And Gets Participants Involved

There are literally hundreds of ways individuals can raise money for their favorite charity, school, or organization. From 5K runs and selling candy to silent auctions and stuffy galas, each strategy has its pros and cons. Successful events, however, have one thing in common – fun.

With that being said, one type of fundraiser that has become increasingly popular over the last few years are casino nights. Casino night events are a fun way to raise money or awareness and give guests the opportunity to dress up and win prizes while supporting a good cause at the same time.

To help ensure your casino night event is a success, we’ve shared a few tips from writer Emilie Sennebogen below:

  1. Hire real dealers: In larger cities, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to hire experienced dealers to run the tables on the big night. Hiring real dealers will improve the overall experience for your guests and add to the overall atmosphere of the event. Check the Internet for local dealer listings and reviews and be sure to contact several dealers to compare prices.
  2. Rent your equipment: An authentic casino night requires the proper equipment and plenty of options for guests. To enhance the experience, consider renting casino equipment from a local provider – you can visit for  a list of providers in your area – and try to offer at least three to four options for players. Blackjack and poker tables are fairly inexpensive but seat only six to eight players. On the other hand, a craps table may be pricier but it can accommodate up to 12-15 players at a time. Know your budget and spend wisely.
  3. Consider a theme: If you have a little extra money to spend on décor, consider a theme for your party. You could pay homage to one of the legendary Las Vegas casinos such as Caesar’s Palace or the MCM Grand by using one central theme or divide the room into zones to “feature multiple motifs.” Your guests will appreciate the effort.
  4. Raise some funds: Raise some funds for your organization by charging for admission or offer free admission and ask guests to buy-in to get their chips. At the end of the night, perhaps the top chip holders could cash-in their winnings for donated door prizes. Be creative.
  5. Work within a budget: From hiring dealers to renting tables to providing food and drinks, throwing a casino night party can be expensive. At a casino night event, games are the main attraction and should be at the top of your priority list. Once you’ve settled on the games, you’ll have a better idea what you can spend on everything else.

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