Four Offbeat Things You Can Rent

Rent a Friend

Money can’t buy friends. It can rent them!

The things people choose to spend their money on is amazing, but whose business is it other than their own? Certainly not mine, but you can’t help but scratch your head at the innumerable ways people can make a living.

It used to be my first reaction upon discovering the rental items listed below would’ve been amazement. It would leave me flummoxed, trying to figure out how someone came up with the idea to provide rental services for that¬†idea. The shock factor of living in the “hold nothing back” age has worn my social barometer needle down to a desensitized nub. There’s a client for every kind of service there is. If you’re one of them, here’s a few companies to check out.

  1. Rent a Person to Stand in Line – If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t think there’s enough time in the day (like most of us), Same Ole Line Dudes is a safeguard solution to that problem. SOLD can provide someone to stand in a line for you while you tend to more important matters. Whether you want good tickets to a hot concert or first dibs at the new Jordan’s hitting the mall Saturday morning, for $25 per hour (add $10 for additional hours), a placeholder will ensure you get it.
  2. Rent a Wingman – Wingman Pro in Los Angeles and Professional Wingman in NYC and Boston provide attractive actors to escort men of low confidence or social status to bars. If you need that extra push towards a pretty lady, but don’t know how to go about approaching her, these escorts will build the bridge.
  3. Rent a Friend – Since 2009, lonely people around the world have been able to enlist the aid of fake friends from Nearly half a million people are taking on the task of being your buddy–for a little while that is.
  4. Rent a Puppy – If you love puppies but not quite enough to buy one due to living arrangements or personal work schedules, you can set aside some time during the week to rent one. The idea of course is that you’ll like the pup enough to adopt as your own. Just be sure you can provide a good home.

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