10 Tips for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Motorcycle Safety

Why is the funnest activities often the most dangerous? Once you go two wheels, it’s hard to go back to four. That’s been the mantra of motorcyclists world-wide for decades. Ripping through a mountain pass is infinitely more exhilarating than coasting in a restrictive steel cage on four wheels. The liberty of being a modern day cowboy on an iron-clad horse provides enough fun without having to speed to achieve the adrenaline rush. It’s also more deadly.

A beginning motorcyclist will know within his/her first few rides exactly how precarious a position the operator is in. Even if you’re doing all the things you’re supposed to, there’s no getting around the fact that when riding a motorcycle, the operator is entirely susceptible to the elements and terrain around them.

Motorcycle Accident

Whether you’re bopping up and down hillsides or crossing lanes in metropolitan traffic, a motorcycle rider is in constant danger of seriously injuring themselves. Unlike cars, you receive ultimate freedom from restraints on a motorcycle–but you also open your body up to a world of hurt in the event of an accident. Rent It Today has a few tips for you to consider when hitting the pavement this spring.

  1. Wear A Helmet – This should go without saying but bares repeating. If you come off that bike for any reason, the most important part of your body is likely to bounce off the ground like a rubber ball. That spells “game over”. Don’t eat through a straw the rest of your life.
  2. Wear Gloves – If you lose control of the bike and come off of it at 65 mph, the first thing you’ll do is stretch your hands out. Human flesh skimming over fast moving asphalt doesn’t lead to a happy ending.
  3. Wear Boots – Flip flops are not adequate footwear on a motorcycle. Your foot slips off the pedal and to the road while moving, you’re going to wish you’d taken the time to wear boots. Wear a proper jacket and pants as well.
  4. Slow In – Brake before entering curves. Always accelerate and decelerate the same way–in a straight line. If you grab brakes in a corner you’ll hinder weight distribution and knock your traction out of whack.
  5. Assume Nobody Has Mirrors – Mom always said “it’s not your driving I’m worried about, it’s everybody else s'”. True words. Most people are doing everything but paying attention to the road, so always maintain proper spacing and prepare for sudden lane changes from pedestrian vehicles.
  6. Don’t Use Front Brake First – No matter if someone swerves into your lane or a possum runs into the road, always use the rear brakes first. Grabbing the front brakes first will send you to the pavement.
  7. Use Your Eyes – Turn your head according to the direction your motorcycle is aiming. The peril of being on two wheels is not realizing you are one with the bike.
  8. Avoid Sand and Debris – Two wheels means low traction. If you hit wet sand or gravel, you’re liable to come off the bike like Evel Knievel. When riding in groups, help point out foreign objects to fellow bikers. If you do hit a stray patch of sand, keep your bike as upright as possible.
  9. Roll to a Stop – Keep your riding habits smooth. Just like you don’t want to slam the brakes, you don’t want to peg the RPM needle to the red. Let off the throttle and coast before grabbing the brakes.
  10. Don’t Drink Alcohol – This should be common sense to 99% of people, but for the remaining 1%, if you think it’s unsafe drinking while operating 4-wheels just how unsafe do you think it is to do it with two?

Always practice riding and learn from experienced riders. Don’t be too stubborn to take advice and heed caution on the road. If you follow these tips, you’ll not only improve your safety but the safety of other people on the road. Looking to rent a motorcycle in your area? We have motorcycle rental listings world-wide. Check our motorcycle rental listings and we’ll help you get in contact with a provider in your area today.

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