Things to Know When Traveling with a Baby

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There probably comes a point in every new parent’s life when they just want to get away. Chances are, however, they aren’t leaving town without their little one. Unfortunately, traveling with a new baby isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. Fortunately, the expert moms and dads who work on the editorial staff at know a thing or two about taking a short trip with children in tow.

Below we’ve shared a few of their tips to make life on the road a little easier and enjoyable.

  1. Buy stock in Ziploc: A must-have item according to many of the parents surveyed was a gallon-sized zipper-top plastic bag. This item can act as an “emergency trash bin” or “storage container for snacks” and most importantly, can be used to store anything your baby has “puked, peed or pooped upon.” Eco-conscious? Consider re-using plastic grocery bags which also have the added benefit of handles.
  2. Change of clothes/diapers: One parent recommended always keeping a gallon-sized plastic bag with a change of clothes in the car for kids five years of age or younger in case of a mishap.
  3. Cleanup supplies: Paper towels or a microfiber towel are perfect for cleaning car surfaces when your child makes a mess. Baby wipes or sanitizing towelettes also come handy when you need to wipe down your kids or the interior of your car.
  4. Make use of your car’s electrical outlets: Use your car’s electrical outlet for breast pumps, bottle warmers or anything else that uses electricity in the comfort and privacy of your own vehicle.
  5. Pack your patience: Traveling with kids can be stressful so bring your patience. Build in breaks on longer trips to dole out snacks and let your children stretch their legs or get some fresh air.

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2 thoughts on “Things to Know When Traveling with a Baby

  • ShellWhip

    All great ideas. I went on my first trip with my munchkin when he was a few months old. It was much easier when he was tiny than when he was in his ‘terrible twos’.