Rent a Restroom for Your Outdoor Wedding


You’ve reached the end of the planning stage and are ready to tie the knot. You’ve decided on an outdoor wedding and have finalized the details. The invites have been sent, the flowers have been ordered, and the band has been booked. You’ve thought of everything, right? Maybe not.

Believe it or not, one of the most overlooked details when planning an outdoor ceremony is the bathroom situation. Is there a place your guests can go to freshen up or frequent when the drinks from the open bar start flowing? If not, you may want to consider a rental restroom.

Below are a few tips from Roman Schmidt of the Sonoma County Gazette to renting a restroom for your wedding:

  1. Schedule your rental in advance: Restroom trailers are expensive to purchase so even companies with thousands of portable toilets may only have a few restroom trailers for rent, according to Schmidt. If you’re looking to rent a restroom during the peak seasons – April to September – book them 3 months or more in advance. Because most places give you a full refund if you cancel at least a month in advance, it’s better to make a reservation than not in most cases.
  2. Make sure your location can accommodate a restroom trailer: Restroom trailers are large (about the size of an RV) so make sure the entire path from your driveway to where the trailer will sit is wide enough to get it in and the delivery truck to get back out. Schmidt also advises to let the driver know if you want the doors, which are typically on one side or the back, facing a certain way in advance.
  3. Expect to pay significantly more for restroom trailers than a Port-a-Potty: Restroom trailers are more expansive to buy and more complicated, therefore they are more expensive to rent. In Sonoma, the average price of a rental is $600-3000 depending on the model. A portable toilet is significantly less.
  4. Plan out how many will come and if they have special bathroom needs: Let the rental agency know how many guests you are expecting so they can help you decide which restroom trailer would best fit your needs. Most restroom trailers have steps, so if you have elderly or disabled guests consider renting a second portable toilet that is fully accessible.
  5. Make sure you have the proper hookups for the trailer: The more lavish the restroom trailer, the more power is needed to operate it. If your trailer needs an external power source, Schmidt recommends using a outlet/generator with at least 15 amp and 120v. Some trailers may also need an external water source such as a garden hose. To be safe, ask your rental agency exactly what you will need to make sure you don’t run into any issues on your big day.

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