Rent a Tesla Model S in California

Tesla Model S

The wheels of technology keep spinning and the news Tesla Model S is proof of that. For a car industry in need of a kick in the pants, inspiration came from an unlikely challenger in the form of a electric powered, exotic sports car. The price of owning one of these beauties is out of reach of your average American, but you can certainly rent one.

Exotic car rental company, Club Sportiva, is offering Tesla rentals on a day-to-day basis. Their one-day rental of the Tesla Model S P85 comes at a hefty price at $899–with 100 miles of driving included. Their eBay rental listing can be seen here.

The Tesla can be retrieved from Club Sportiva’s San Jose, California location, or it can be delivered to another location for additional costs. This rule applies to the state of California exclusively, being as the Tesla is headquartered there.

Club Sportiva isn’t the only rental company to offer the Model S–Hertz’s Dream Cars program also allows thrill seekers to try the car out at a lower priced $400 per day at 75 miles per day.

California-based start-ups are getting on board with the trend with Vukke Car and Getaround providing Zipcar-style and peer-to-peer rentals of the revolutionary sports car.

If you’re looking for exotic sports car rentals, contact for available rental listings.

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