5 Tips for Planning Your RV Vacation

Family in RV on Summer Road Trip

I’ve never taken a trip in an RV, but I definitely think it’s something I could get into. Whether it’s a cross-country adventure or a weekend in the mountains, a road trip in an RV definitely beats being crammed in a rental car for hours on end. According to an article by Sharon O’Brien for About.com, nearly eight million American households own an RV, motor home, or travel trailer, and there are as many as 30 million RV enthusiasts in the U.S.

Want to spend some time with your family taking in the sights and enjoying the open road? Here are a handful of O’Brien’s tips for making your RV trip safe and fun!

  1. Map your RV travel destinations: While it can be fun enjoying the freedom of the open road, it is definitely helpful to have a solid travel plan in place. If you know your destination, choose the route that will offer the most interesting sights along the way. Feel free to use RV and other travel guides and the Internet to map out your trip or reach out to state tourism boards for a little insight. It’s also important to bring along updated road maps or a GPS device.
  2. Use a checklist: Put together a checklist of what needs to be in the RV and things to do when you set up at an RV campground such as locating campground connections, making sure the RV is level, and properly hooking up water, gas, and electric systems. It might also be helpful to have a to-do list to help prepare for departure.
  3. Put together a “Just-For-The-RV” first-aid kit: O’Brien says it’s important to have a fully-stocked first-aid kit complete with basic medical supplies (i.e. bandages, ointment, pain reliever, scissors, insect repellant, etc.) and other important needs such as a flashlight, cell phone and charger, and important contacts (i.e. doctor, insurance agent, etc.).
  4. RV camping with kids and pets: Even roomy RV’s can be confining so set aside time for outdoor activities so kids and pets can stretch out and burn off some energy. It’s also important to give each child his or her own space in the RV. Also be sure to confirm that pets are allowed at the campground in advance of your departure.
  5. A little help from your friends: When in doubt, O’Brien advises travelers to ask a fellow RVer. Chances are they’ve already been through a similar situation and can be of some assistance. Plus, they may even share an insider’s tip on a great place to visit!

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