Tips For Riding Motorcycles in Rain

Rain Riding

With winter behind us, many motorcycle owners are celebrating the next season on the calendar – riding season. As the temperatures rise, we’ll see more bikes (and more tattoos and leather) on the road than at any other time of the year. Unfortunately, the spring months aren’t always the driest so it’s important for riders to know how to stay safe if they’re caught in a rain storm. For a little advice for handling a hog when the streets get wet, we’ll turn to the experts at Here are a few of their tips for those all-weather bikers:

Get the right gear: To ride in the rain, you need the right accessories. Two Wheel Mania suggests getting a quality rain suit, visor, and waterproof gloves. Additionally, riders should also wear waterproof boots and look into buying a full face helmet to make riding in the rain safer and easier.

Change driving habits: Slick roads can make it hard to stop so it’s advised that riders take it slow and allow extra distance for stopping when it’s raining. Visibility can also be a factor so be sure use turn signals to alert other drivers you’ll be slowing down.

Know the danger zone: Roads that are dry just before it begins to rain are the most dangerous 20-30 minutes after showers begin because debris and oil have not yet been washed away. If you can’t pull over for a few minutes, take it slow and keep an eye out for slick spots and other debris.

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