6 Tips to Make Your Landscaping Look Great

Cabin Landscaping

Now that the calendar has turned to May, there’s no excuse to stay cooped up inside. Old Man Winter has finally passed and the weather is only going to get better over the next few weeks. After a pretty harsh winter, chances are your lawn and landscaping could use a little TLC.

To help you get started, we’ve shared a list of landscaping tips from blogger Lauren Mennen that were recently posted at Philly.com. Now grab your gardening tools and let’s get to work!

Maintain current plantings: To really improve the look of your home, make sure the trees and shrubs are trimmed and well-maintained. You might also want to check with a local garden center to see how often your plants should be watered this summer.

Add plants to fit design of home: Choose plantings that are going to fit the design of your home, that are easy to maintain, and won’t overgrow and invade another plant’s space. Boxwoods, hydrangeas, and holly shrubs fit this description and a good low-cost option.

Add water features: Water features, along with fire pits and patios, are one of the most popular features requested by homeowners. Consider a waterfall or another pond-less water design which don’t require much maintenance.

Add lights to plantings: Use lights to highlight interesting shrubs or tall trees to make the yard look “dramatic” and “soothing” at night.

Redefine the beds: Take care of the foundation of plantings by adding a little much which nicely defines the bed and makes the property look as if it is well cared for.

Improve curb appeal: Adding newer plantings and sprucing up front walkways is important if you are looking to sell your home.

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