8 Tips to Cut Moving Costs

Moving Day

If you’ve ever had to pack up your belongings and haul your life elsewhere, you know that moving is one of the least enjoyable experiences you will ever encounter. And unless you drive around in a U-Haul or own a moving company, the cost of moving can be expensive. Fortunately, the folks at U.S. News & World Report have put together a short list of tips to help you trim your moving costs. Here is a brief summary of their eight tips:

1. Unload what you don’t need: According to moving experts, the weight of your load is a major factor in determining the cost of a long-haul move. Use services such as College Hunks Hauling Junk or 1-800-Got-Junk to downsize. You can also give unwanted possessions to charity. By recycling, donating, tossing, or giving away unwanted items, you can cut your load by 40-50 percent.
2. Time it right: Movers are busiest at the beginning and end of the month as leases turnover so schedule a mid-month move to get the best deal.
3. Save on boxes: Purchase used, recycled boxes and pack small items yourself. This will cut down on the amount of time your movers would have spent on this task.
4. Plan and organize: Use colored tape to clearly label where each box should be placed in your new home. Another suggestion is to take photos of your new home and “draw on them to show the movers in advance where each item will go.”
5. Cover your items: Check to see if your goods are covered by your homeowners or renters insurance. If not, be sure to purchase insurance through the moving company. Just be sure to know what you are signing and ask questions if anything is unclear.
6. Snag a tax break: Moving because of a job change? You may be able to deduct certain moving expenses. To see if you qualify, check with your accountant or read the IRS’ guidelines online.
7. Price it out: Contact at least three different moving companies to compare prices before signing on the dotted line. You’ll also want to get an in-home estimate from each mover. Again, be sure to ask questions.
8. Research the mover: Due your due diligence and hire a legitimate mover. Check with the BBB or AMSA to find a licensed company with “the proper insurance and resources to complete your move efficiently.”

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