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If ever there was a start-up business that was made for college students, this would be it. It’s no secret that many college students love a good party and while most party responsibly, there a few who make poor decisions under the influence. To deter drunk classmates from getting behind the wheel, two students have created a rental service for designated drivers. Founded by a pair of computer science majors – Tomer Shuvueli and Arjun Aravindan – at N.C. State, Campus Cruizer allows students to travel across campus safely at all hours of the day and night by catching a ride from a registered designated driver.

So how does it work? Students in need of a ride – “Boozers” – simply contact the Campus Cruizer dispatcher system to request a designated driver, or “Cruizer”. The CruizerLine gathers the caller’s information including location and phone number and pushes it out to Cruizers in the queue. Drivers, who are pre-screened and interviewed to ensure they have a safe driving record and asked to upload copies of their driver’s license and insurance card, can then log in to the queue and coordinate a pick-up. Both parties can also use the Campus Cruizer iOS phone app either to request a ride or log in to the queue when they are available to drive.

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Currently, drivers make money based off the tips they receive from students. The suggested rates are $3 per person for a short trip and $4 for a ride off-campus or downtown. In the near future, the company plans to give students the option to pay for the service via their credit card using the Campus Cruizer app. The founders of the company say their service offers many benefits that a traditional taxi service cannot such as lower rates, a comfortable ride, and the chance to support fellow students. They hope to expand to other campuses across the U.S. soon.

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7 thoughts on “Students Can Rent a Designated Driver

  • Danielle LoCascio

    They’d make more than 5 bucks if they drove kids to after school activities-⚾⚽

  • Danielle LoCascio

    I need a designated driver to drive my kids to swimming, lacrosse and soccer all at the same time! Wouldn’t that be a great business??

  • ShellWhip

    This is such a great idea. I can’t imagine what those driver’s will have to put up with. But it does keep everyone safe which is fantastic.