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Where to find a trade show exhibit rental

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Trade Show Exhibit Rental Offers Tangible Benefits

Last summer, I traveled to New York to attend several men’s fashion trade shows throughout the city. Although most of the vendor booths were pretty basic, there were a handful of brands whose set-ups really stood out from the crowd. If you are familiar with the trade show business, you know that the better the exhibit, the bigger the cost.

Fortunately, there are a number of rental companies out there that can help your business save a little money while traveling the trade show circuit. But is renting the way to go? To help you decide, the folks at CWG Magazine have put together a list of scenarios when you’d be better off booking a rental. Here you go:

  1. You are new to the exhibition game: If this is your first trade show, you already have plenty of things to worry about – staffing, presenting, knowing the rules –  so your exhibit shouldn’t be one of them. Avoid the stress of buying, storing, transporting, and assembling an exhibition stand by going with a rental.
  2. Your exhibit needs are infrequent at best: Exhibit stands and booths are expensive to store and transport so if you only plan on doing one or two shows a year and will be keeping the stand in storage the rest of the year, it makes more sense to rent.
  3. You are exhibiting internationally: If your exhibition events are held outside of the U.S., renting is the only way to go. Transportation costs can be steep and you also run the risk of damaging your exhibit traveling to and from your destination. Plus, do you really want the hassle of checking them in with your luggage?
  4. You need an exhibit stand for two events at once: Expected at two shows at once? Don’t run out and buy a second stand. Save money by using a rental.
  5. You are on a tight budget: Exhibit stands are a rather large investment. Until your business is in a financial position to buy one, stick with a rental.

Exhibits from Xibeo

Located in California, Xibeo provides trade show display rentals nationwide. Through Xibeo, you can customize your message with their custom rental program. If you’re a company that doesn’t attend many trade shows or you’re new to the scene and want a little practice, exhibit rentals are an attractive choice financially.

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Xibeo reduces your trade show budget by maximizing your brand exposure on the exhibit floor. Enlisting the aid of Xibeo is the wisest choice for your business. They’ll add value to your display by building a fresh, sleek look that is custom designed around the theme of your product. Made with modular, lightweight materials–costs will be cut on set up and shipping time.

Is your company planning on hitting the trade show circuit and in need of a pop-up display, custom display booth, table top banner stand, or portable displays? Rent It Today can help! The most comprehensive rental resource online, the experts at Rent It Today can put you in touch with providers of rental trade show equipment to help your booth stand out from the crowd.

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