‘Mad Men’ Era Music on Spotify

Mad Men AMCThe seventh season premier of “Mad Men” set the pieces in place for what fans hope to be a tour de force in cable television, especially since the show helped launch the second golden age of TV.

Series creator Matthew Weiner kept us hanging on after the finale of season 6 in 2013. 1968 was the backdrop for an up-and-down season that ended with Dick Whitman trying pull away the Canadian Club soaked veneer of his seemingly bulletproof ad-man persona–the greatest salesman of the 1960s, Don Draper.

With the critically acclaimed series making its final run in 2014 and 2015 with split seven episode seasons, one more year has passed in the world of “Mad Men”, placing our fictional family in 1969–the year of free love, moon landings and escalated war in southeast Asia.

Music is central to the plot of “Mad Men”, often times reflecting the exact plot points of the show and its characters. “Early in the Morning” by Peter, Paul and Mary was employed for a seminal episode in the religiously charged Peggy sub-plot of season 2. Judy Collins’ version of “Both Sides Now” closed out season 6 with an air of optimism for our anti-hero, as he reaches out to his children for the first time.

If you’d like to immerse yourself in the world of late-60s music, Rent It Today has a few choice selections that you can find on the music rental service, Spotify.

Rent It Today’s Top 5 Album Picks of 1969
San Quentin CashJohnny Cash at San Quentin – Johnny Cash
Usually overshadowed by the Folsom Prison Blues predecessor, this classic country album exudes grit. The twangy guitar strings sound like barb-wire, the in-mates are raucous and big John has all the irreverent attitude you can handle. Peak of his powers here.
Five Leaves Left – Nick DrakeNick Drake Five Leaves Left
The delicate lisp of Drake and his delicate finger-picking on an acoustic guitar flies in the face of the psychedelic trends that dominated FM radio at the end of the 60s. A timeless, mystical album that embodies the melancholy spirit of the decade, beneath the color swirls and acid.
Abbey Road - The BeatlesAbbey Road – The Beatles
Many cite this one as the Fab Four’s best effort. One thing is certain, they threw everything they had at this record and it came out a masterpiece. The audio odyssey that gives us virtually one epic song with some of The Beatles’ most recognizable songs. A fitting–yet final love letter to the 60s.
Dusty in Memphis – Dusty SpringfieldDusty Springfield
The perfect blue-eyed soul album experience featuring AM radios favorite British female pop-singer. Dusty leads a series of intricate backing orchestrations with a soulful warmth. The perfect chill out album.
In A Silent Way - DavisIn A Silent Way – Miles Davis
Like Bob Dylan, even Miles went electric. This album began his “electric” period and the kickoff to jazz-fusion. One of his most accomplished albums, In A Silent Way lures you in and takes you through audio ecstasy featuring electric pianos and guitars.

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