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Event planning is a serious business. If you’ve ever been to a major conference, trade or fashion show or other special event, you know, just by walking through the room, a lot of hard work was spent putting it all together. Over the course of several weeks or even months, hundreds and maybe thousands of details were hashed out and decisions were made. Often unrecognized on the big night, event planners work behind the scenes to bring it all together before the bright lights shine.

So what are the most popular rental items event planners are requesting right now? Here are a few items courtesy of the folks at BizBash:

Something Different Photo Booth: Provides “custom photo strips or postcards to event guests, e-mails photos to guests, and provides direct uploads to social media sites.” Rates start at $1,500.

U-Sofa: A versatile piece, the U-Sofa can be easily matched with an event theme or color scheme. It can be combined many different ways and can seat as few as five people or as many as 40. Rates start at $200.

Pop-Out Cake: A two-tier cake in two colors (pink and blue) that measures 40 inches in diameter and 45 inches tall and comes on a rolling platform with a paper breakthrough top. Rates start at $450.

Air Graffiti Wall: An interactive, digital wall that allows guests to “take pictures in front of the green screen, then alter and decorate their images with digital spray cans, creating realistic-looking graffiti.” Rates start at $1,650 (Canada).

Connect 4 SmartDesk: A tool for engagement and entertainment, the Smartdeck can be used for point-of-sale, product demos, and listening stations by up to four people. It can be customized with color, branding, and device integration.

SuperLever: Designers can “build backdrops, curved walls, columns, and chandeliers either ground supported or rigged to pipe and base or truss.” All panels mix and match and can be snapped together with a user-friendly connector. Think of them as a Lego set for event planners.

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