What To Do With Unwanted Rental Outdoor Gear?


Photo courtesy of montanacampsites.com

Photo courtesy of montanacampsites.com


Recreational Equipment Inc (REI) Benefits the Locals

With all of the negative news that’s out there, it’s quite refreshing to be able to share a positive story. This month, the city of Missoula, Montana received quite a donation from a local outdoor supply store – roughly $14,000 in outdoor and camping equipment. The gear, which was given to the city’s parks and recreation department, contained both new and used items from REI’s Missoula store.

According to a story in The Missoulian, REI recently made the decision reduce the number of locations offering rentals.  Those stores selected to drop the rental program were free to do as they wished with their rental gear. The store, which already had a relationship with the city department as well as the other recipient, the Montana Conservation Corps, said it just made sense to donate it to the two groups so the “community would continue to have access.”

The gear will be used for programs held throughout the year for individuals of all ages and will likely lessen the burden on families who won’t have to purchase expensive equipment for their child to be able to participate. With the gear – which included snowshoes; two-, four-, and six-person tents; bear canisters; trekking poles; sleeping bags; backpacking and double-burner stoves; pads and liners; and backpacks – the city’s parks and recreation department will be able to expand programming and launch more all-abilities and overnight outdoor recreation activities.

Where Can You Find Outfitters Who Rent Equipment?

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