What Are Pac-Van Modular Office and Storage Rentals?

Since 1993, Indianapolis-based storage solution supplier, Pac-Van Inc. has provided exceptional products and services for customers nationwide. With 31 branch locations across the United States, Pac-Van has not only raised the standard for portable storage rentals, they have become the standard.

In recent years, modular construction has become a mainstay service offered through Pac-Van. These modern permanent or temporary modular buildings aren’t your grandparents’ modular buildings. Utilizing modern materials and contemporary style, Pac-Van creates high quality modular facilities that are second to none.

How It Works
While you prepare your property for a modular building, Pac-Van is working hard to construct your temporary space solution off-site. The high costs of “stick built” structures are reduced with these prefabricated buildings. The construction industry benefits greatly from assembly modularization. According to recent government research, the efficiency of modular construction grows.

Pac-Van TimelineAs shown in the diagram above, going with Pac-Van’s modular building rental will minimize overall costs by 20-40%. Compared to traditional construction of “stick built” units, the cash saved is left for other purposes in your budget.

Customize Your Modular Building
Pac-Van offers a general floor plan for their modular building systems, however, they also will modify it according to your specifications. Custom features including concrete floors, noise reduction insulation, sprinkler systems, and customized interior/exterior finishes are available for customers.

PacVan Modular Buildings

Modular office rentals are used for a variety of applications including construction offices, educational buildings, industrial, sports events, sales offices, and church buildings. Pac-Van’s services offer a wide range of competitive financing options.

Save on labor and building material costs by enlisting the aid of Pac-Van. If we’re sounding redundant it’s because Rent It Today is confident in providing reliable rental listings for future Pac-Van customers. When working with an award-winning leader in the portable storage rental industry, it’s hard not to feel excited about their product.

For more information on portable storage rentals and modular building rentals, visit RentItToday.com.

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