Tree Trimming and Bucket Truck Rental Atlanta

Tree Trimming

Spring is in the air and so are the bustling branches of overgrown trees. If you’re seeking a bucket truck for tree trimming, be sure to check out the rental fleet offered by Sagon Trucks & Equipment. Sagon is one of the biggest truck rental companies serving the Southeastern United States.

Based in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, Sagon Trucks provides truck rental services for light commercial and consumer sectors. In addition to cherry pickers, moving trucks, digger derricks and towing accessories, they offer a variety of wood chipper rentals.

Enlisting the aid of a Sagon Truck will drastically lessen your chance of mishap or accident when tackling your next tree trimming project. Their bucket trucks provide stability and an added measure of safety while using chainsaws or other tools to cut branches.

Forestry Truck

Spring weather is likely to factor into why someone would rent a forestry truck. As high winds and storms knock over dead trees, residents in adjacent homes will likely need assistance in removing any fallen branches–especially if they’re hanging over power-lines or rooftops. Bucket trucks allow operators to safely remove broken or hanging limbs that have to moved, thus lessening the probability that the tree will fall on them.

Sagon Trucks & EquipmentTrimming a 20-ft hemlock hedge could take up to three men, two ladders and hedge trimmers to complete over the course of 3-4 days. With a bucket truck rental or purchase from Sagon Trucks, this task can be completed by one man in one day.

Also known as ‘cherry pickers’, aerial lift truck rentals are the ideal method for removing tall dead trees. Take an 80 foot oak tree that towers above a residential area. The tree has dangling branches and a cracked trunk. These characteristics make the tree unsafe for a trimmer to climb up by ladder–especially with a sharp pair of shears or a chainsaw. Sagon Trucks & Equipment Logo

Having the visual vantage point afforded from a bucket truck helps the trimmer size up a diseased tree from a safe distance. If a cystospora canker or spruce tree is “sick” and needs pruning, it’s much simpler to trim the tree when you’re out and away in a boom lift so you can spot the diseased limbs and snip them from a bucket truck.

See Sagon Trucks rental listings for bucket trucks, chainsaws, and wood chippers at Rent It Today.

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