Startup Lumoid Offers Try-Before-You-Buy Camera Equipment

Photo courtesy of Lumoid

Photo courtesy of Lumoid

For anyone who has considered photography as a full-time profession or serious hobby, he or she understands it’s an expensive venture. From cameras to lenses to other equipment, the price of taking high-quality photos for work or play isn’t cheap. Thankfully, one new startup has set out to save photographers of any skill level some money.

A Y-Combinator-backed startup, Lumoid is a service that allows individuals to rent camera equipment and if they like it, gives them the opportunity to buy it. Rentals of lenses and body kits cost between $15 and $25 per day and many of the rental units come from “un-sold or un-rented inventory from brick-and-mortar retailers,” according to a recent story in Tech Crunch.

Participating retailers and customers alike love Lumoid’s model which enables stores to get use out of their existing stock and customers to try out an expensive piece of equipment before forking over hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Every camera and kit sent to a customer is shipped completely ready to use and includes a memory card and Lumoid strap, if applicable.

Aside from individuals, Lumoid is also working with hotels to offer “ready-made rental kits” as a premium service for guests to use upon their arrival. Rather than hauling around the equipment in a car or on a plane, customers can simply keep their memory card for a small fee or download the images and mail it back with the rest of the kit from the hotel. Why can’t everything be that easy?

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