Video Camera Rentals from Kindle Cine Studio

Kindle Cine StudioAre you a film-maker looking for a reliable film studio to rent video camera equipment from? Look to the beautiful countryside of Nepal, where Kindle Cine Studio aims to push your imagination with their array of cutting edge technology.

A paradise for film-makers around the globe, Kindle Cine Studio is located in a country where beautiful locations are not in short supply. Whether you’re filming an advertisement, feature film or documentary, you’ll find the mountainous backdrop of the Himalayan Mountains a sufficient palate to paint your artistic mastery.

Located in the city of Narayan Gopal, Kindle Cine Studio provides all production and post-production resources for film makers. Utilizing the top equipment in the industry such as 4k digital cinema standards and true 5.1 surround sound editing, their studio is a playground for audio/video technicians at affordable prices.

Kindle Cine Studio Camera Rentals:

Video Camera Rental - NepalRED ONE™ Camera – Designed for flexibility and functionality, this light-weight camera is a streamlined packaged designed to maximize your shooting options while maintaining convenience without sacrificing video quality. M-X Digital Camera Body

RED ONE (MYSTERIUM-X) – This remarkable piece of art boasts full 4K cinema resolution with a revolutionary sensor performance. Multiple lenses are available as counterparts to this camera.

In addition to their top shelf selection of video camera rentals, Kindle Cine Studio provides film and audio mixing production services in their state of the art studio. Among the services offered include: effects, animation, subtitling, translation, dubbing (5.1 stereo), color correction, and camera carrying vehicles.

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