Miami Exotic Car Rentals to Accept Bitcoin Payments

Photo courtesy of Miami Exotic Car Rentals

Photo courtesy of Miami Exotic Car Rentals

Let’s be honest. Does anyone out there understand how Bitcoin works? More importantly, does anyone think the digital currency will catch on? Although it’s unlikely the peer-to-peer payment system which uses technology to operate with no central authority of banks (instead transactions are managed and currency is issued collectively by the network) some businesses across the U.S. now accept bitcoins.

One of those businesses is Miami Exotic Car Rentals which recently became one of the first exotic car companies in the world to adopt Bitcoin as a method of payment, according to a story in the Digital Journal.

Recognizing the convenience of the system and the potential benefits for clients, Miami Exotic Car Rentals hopes the move will separate the company from its competitors with regards to customer service. According to the story, Bitcoin has especially proved popular with international clients who would prefer not to hassle with foreign currency exchange rates and customers who do not want rental fees charged to their credit cards. Additionally, Bitcoin’s secure servers guarantee “peace of mind” for its customers.

From Audi R8 Spyders to Lamborghini Gallardos, Miami Exotic Car Rentals carries some of the most luxurious exotic vehicles and sports cars in the world. Rental rates for the company’s vehicles run between $200-$2000 dollars per day, including delivery. The “finest luxury and performance car rental service in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida,” Miami Exotic Rental Cars can be reached at

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