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Tips For Maximizing The Impact Of Your Fundraising Event

Casino theme parties are a popular way to generate operating capital. If you’ve ever worked for a non-profit or volunteered with an organization, you know firsthand the importance of fundraising. From events like silent auctions, charity balls, and casino nights to annual mail campaigns, telethons, and crowd sourcing initiatives, raising money is one of the top priorities for these groups. Often, funds raised help these organizations provide services to those in need. So what are some quick and easy tips for raising more money?

Create Your Story: Every campaign is unique so don’t be afraid to show it! Let people know not only what they are donating to and how the money will be used, but also what makes your campaign different.

Use Your Favorite Social Network: Use social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Google+ to spread the word. Remember your family and friends are your biggest advocates so use these tools to rally their support.

Be Persistent: Be sure to send a follow-up reminder about your campaign. Most people these days are busy and may have overlooked your first e-mail. If you didn’t have much luck the first time around, ask again!

Treat Your Supporters As You Would Your Friends: Keep your supporters up-to-date on the progress of your campaign. Use Facebook or e-mails to keep folks in the loop.

Local Newspapers Are Your Friend: Local newspapers are always looking to help grow and foster their community so be sure to share your unique story with them and ask them to share it.

Don’t Forget to Say Thanks: Enough said.

Fundraising at Get-Togethers: There are opportunities everywhere to raise money for your campaign. At a party or event? Let people know about the campaign and how they can donate.

Stay Organized: Stay on top of your campaign. Be sure to send thank you notes and keep your supporters engaged. An unorganized campaign is unlikely to be successful.

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4 thoughts on “Fundraising with Casino Theme Parties

  • LesCourtney

    There was a Catholic school that held an event every year for new books and supplies for the school. They had a variety of casino style games that you played for prizes. Plus you’re never really losing money if it is going to help a child get a school book.

  • Robert Bob Schrichte

    I once worked for a company that did this casino theme party for the December holidays. Fun!