Travel Experts Offer Tips for Disabled Persons Headed to New York

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If you’ve ever traveled to New York, you know that it’s not always easy getting around. From traffic to crowds to public transportation, there are more than a few hurdles to jump when you want to get across town – and that’s assuming you have the ability to jump. But what about those folks who may be disabled or have limited mobility? Is NYC accessible to everyone? Fortunately, the travel experts at Frommer’s have put together a quick guide for disabled travelers headed to the Big Apple. Here are a few of their tips:

  • Although the city is more accessible to travelers than ever before – the city’s bus system is wheelchair-friendly and most major attractions are easily accessible – it’s always best to call first to make sure the places you want to visit are fully accessible.
  • Before booking your hotel, make sure to ask a lot of questions based on your needs. Most hotels are ADA compliant with suitable rooms for wheelchair-bound travelers, but many city hotels can have elevators and bathrooms that are on the small side. For a source of New York’s accessible accommodations from Accessible NYC simply click here.
  • Some Broadway theaters and other performance venues provide complete wheelchair accessibility while others provide partial accessibility. Many also offer discounted tickets for guests with disabilities and their guests so be sure to check with theaters in advance.
  • Make a phone call to Hospital Audiences, Inc. for details about accessibility to cultural institutions as well as cultural events adapted for individuals with disabilities.

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