A New Limo Awaits for Our Next President

Photo courtesy of leftlanenews.com

Photo courtesy of leftlanenews.com

If you’re the leader of the free world, you’re not rolling around the nation’s capital in a ’96 Lumina. No. If you’re not seated in the back of Air Force One, you’re seated in the back of a limo that offers more protection than Chuck Norris and all the members of the Secret Service combined. In fact, President Obama’s current limo, a custom-made vehicle by General Motors, has been nicknamed “The Beast”.

Chuck Norris

Don’t $@!* with the Chuck

Outfitted with “military-grade armor, night vision cameras, an encrypted satellite phone and a sealed off interior” that protects the president and other passengers from chemical attacks, is reported to cost more than $1 million, according to a story in The Huffington Post. Despite all of these features, however, the next president of the United States is expected to get an upgrade.

The Department of Homeland, which is in the midst of armor development for the next generation limousine, recently released a contract proposal to gather bids from major domestic automobile manufacturers to build the president’s vehicle. The contract will be awarded on August 29 of this year. Once the contract is awarded, the department will focus on “automotive validation” and then move into production of a new presidential parade limo.

Unlike the infamous 1961 Lincoln presidential limousine which served for 15 years – and was carrying JFK when he was assassinated in 1963 – The Beast has served just two terms. According to The Huffington Post, it is unknown whether or not The Beast will be retired from duty in 2017 when the next president is sworn into office.

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