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Have dreams of moving to New York or Boston or Los Angeles? Surprise – it ain’t going to be cheap. There are, however, several big cities that offer smallish rents for individuals looking for the most bang under a thousand bucks.

According to a recent study by, one of the leading national apartment listing subscription services, there are many great spots across the country offering the perfect space to call home for less than $1,000 each month. Although many popular locations – Chicago, L.A., Boston, New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and D.C. – don’t even have studio apartments available for an average rent of $1,000 per month, several big cities led by Atlanta ($966), Portland ($955), Austin ($948), and Dallas ($914), did make the list. Additionally, also recognized several cities that offer the most space for your money. In both Las Vegas and Cincinnati, Ohio, the average monthly rate for a three-bedroom rental was less than $1,000. The same can also be said for two-bedroom units in San Antonio, Richmond (VA), Kansas City, and Phoenix.

Thinking of sharing your space with someone else? For less than a $1,000 per month per roommate, you can shack up in one-bedroom apartment in Chicago, L.A., or D.C. Don’t mind living in close quarters? You could also share a studio apartment in the Big Apple for just over $995 apiece.

Finally, also identified those major cities where rent is on the rise. Leading the way was Miami followed by Denver, Milwaukee, Orlando, Tampa, Charlotte, Columbus, and St. Louis.

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