Do this, not that: A quick guide to vacation rentals

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After a long winter, spring is finally knocking at the door. While most of us will be busy doing a bit of seasonal cleaning around the house, some of us will be heading to the beach or the mountains or some other distant place for a little rest and relaxation. Before you hop aboard a plane or set out in the family mini-van, take a few minutes to read these helpful tips from Jon Gray of HomeAway:

Do go with a site you’ve heard of: Gray advises vacationers to search for a vacation rental using “a reputable site you’ve head of that has a lot of listings.” He also recommends reading the reviews before making a reservation.

Don’t be scared to dig through the fridge: Being able to cook your own meals is one of the benefits of staying in a vacation rental. Gray says that refrigerators are often stocked with staples to cook with so go ahead and help yourself.

Do ask if you can bring a pet: When searching for a vacation rental be sure to check out the special section of pet-friendly listings found on most rental sites. Found the perfect vacation rental but the policy on pets is unclear? Gray says you can’t naturally assume pets are allowed and recommends running it by the home owner first.Beach Vacation

Don’t worry about washing the sheets: Unless your rental agreement says otherwise, washing dirty sheets, towels, and other linens is the responsibility of the home owner. Besides, do you really want to be doing laundry while you’re on vacation?

Do be courteous: Although it may not be required to clean up before you leave, Gray says it’s just common courtesy to make sure the place looks as clean as it did at arrival.

Do leave a review: Did you enjoy your stay? Leave a positive review on the vacation rental site to help drum up additional business for the home owners. Gray says a review is “more valuable than a thank you note.”

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