Uniform Rental Top Trends for 2014

Uniform Rental Is A Practice Of Many Businesses

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Uniform Manufacturer Cintas Reflects On 2014

Earlier this week, the Cintas Corporation, known by companies large and small around the world as “The Uniform People”, recently announced the top rental uniform trends for 2014. Inspired by runway and retail fashions, the next generation of uniforms will come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. Thanks to advancements in fabric and wash technologies, ugly and stiff uniforms have become a thing of the past, replaced by flexible, comfortable, and trendy workwear. Here is a summary of the six trends, as identified by the Cintas Corporation in The Wall Street Journal:

  1. Enhanced breathability: New fabric technologies, such as moisture-wicking controls, have improved the breathability and wearability of uniforms, helping workers remain comfortable in any work environment.
  2. More color: New developments in dyes, fabric finishes, and wash technology have allowed businesses to venture away from navy rental uniforms and experiment with brighter colors without worries of fading.
  3. Smaller logos: More organizations are embracing uniform programs as a way to extend their brand, utilizing color and style to promote their business rather than over sized logo tees.
  4. Enhanced visibility: As more companies look to increase their workplace safety efforts, the demand for enhanced visibility apparel – such as flame retardant shirts, pants, and overalls with reflective striping – has seen a boost.
  5. Tailored fits: Businesses now recognize that better fitting apparel makes workers look and feel better which can enhance the organization’s overall image.
  6. Increased functionality: Features such as large pockets with zippers and multiple compartments bring increased functionality to uniforms. Additionally, advancements in apparel technology has led to garments with fast-drying, soil-release and moisture-wicking capabilities that are lightweight, breathable, and soft.

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