National Employee Appreciation Day Party Rentals

Employee Appreciation Day Party and Event Ideas

Employee Appreciation Day Party And Event Ideas

If you’re looking for ideas to celebrate national Employee Appreciation Day, we present here a few fun suggestions for your consideration. After all, what is a business without a staff? What is a queen-bee without her worker bees? What is a General without soldiers? Think about renting these services for your staff to show how your business gets the concept of employee appreciation.

Where to get a Dunk Tank RentalDunk Tank
Who wouldn’t love to douse their boss in a tank of cold water? Super Fun Inflatables is a premier party and event planning company. In addition to dunk tank rentals they offer concession equipment and carnival games.

Inflatable Movie ScreenWhere to rent an Inflatable Movie Screen
This is a great party center piece that can be utilized both indoors and outdoors. If you have catering and concessions set up for your staff in a banquet hall or park, liven up the festivities with a viewing of one of the most recent movie hits.

Rock Climbing WallRock Climbing Wall
Assuming the long cold days of winter are behind us, these mobile rock wall rentals are a great way to find out who the athletic employee’s are. Climbing walls feel like real rock, and provide hours of fun. The fiberglass surface is safe to climb on and the hydraulic lift system holds the stand in place.

DJ/KaraokeDJ Package Rental for Employee appreciation day party
What fun would any party be without some music? Premier Casino Events offers DJ services for your next employee event. DJ rental packages include 2 to 4 BOSE Sound System cabinets. A variety of packages are available.

Find employee appreciation day virtual golf game rentalVirtual Golf
These multimedia indoor golf games are a fun way of finding the competitive side of the staff. These golf simulators are easy to set up and provide gorgeous visuals of exotic golf courses in sunny, bright weather. If you can’t hold the party outside, set this baby up indoors. Virtual golf rentals come with 56 computer generated golf courses.

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