UC Santa Barbara Latest College to Add Bike Rental Program

Photo courtesy of the Daily Nexus

Photo courtesy of The Daily Nexus

Apparently, bike rental programs have become quite the craze lately. Following in the footsteps of several cities around the globe, many universities have launched bike share programs to help folks on campus get around faster. According to an article in The Daily Nexus, UC Santa Barbara (UCSB) is the latest college to introduce its own bike rental service.

The Details
Developed for UCSB community members in need of temporary and efficient transportation, the Bike Rental Program provides low-cost rental bicycles for students, visitors, and faculty of the university. Customers in need of a set of wheels will have access to three rental bicycles initially – supply will increase with demand – and the program will run through the Associated Students Bike Shop.

Preliminary rental prices are $10 for single-day use and $25 for Friday through Monday use. Weekly rentals start at $20 for the first week and drop to $15 for each additional week. Customers have the option of paying via cash or through the university’s BARC account for their rental.

Given the Green Light
The Bike Rental Program was initially introduced last year but had to clear several legal hurdles, mainly liability concerns, before being approved by UCSB Risk Management. To boost safety and reduce the risk of injury, UCSB Risk Management will require the program to provide riders with a helmet, a light, and a lock.

The launch date for UCSB’s Bike Rental Program is March 10.

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