Make Like Scuba Steve and Take the Plunge

Photo courtesy of National Marine Sanctuaries

Photo courtesy of National Marine Sanctuaries

Alright, Old Man Winter. You win. With a winter that has dipped temperatures outside the Rent It Today office into the single digits, everyone (and I mean everyone) is looking forward to warmer months. To help pass the time between now and June, we’ve started jotting down some summertime bucket list items on the office’s dry erase board. Number one on my list? Scuba diving. Now, thanks to the folks at Mother Nature Network, I know exactly where to go. Here are a few of their recommendations:

  1. Oahu, Hawaii: Featuring a large number of dive sites and a wealth of dive shops and resorts, Oahu is an ideal place for novice and experienced divers. The island is also a great destination for wreck diving as many WWII-era planes and ships sit mostly intact in the waters surrounding the island.
  2. Barrier islands, North Carolina: Although relatively uncrowded for most of the year, the barrier islands are “rich in water-based attractions.” The islands are also a “wreck-diver’s paradise” thanks to the more than 600 ships that disappeared off the islands over the past few centuries. From 16th century ships to World War II German U-boats, there are many wrecks to explore off the coast of this destination.
  3. Florida Keys: Featuring warm, clear waters and the only living coral reef in U.S. waters, the Florida Keys are a great destination for divers. Throw in an “exotic array of underwater plants and marine animals” as well as a variety of shipwrecks, and it’s no wonder this destination is popular with beginner and experience divers, alike.
  4. American Samoa: Located in the South Pacific, American Samoa is one of the most “far-flung U.S. territories.” Divers should be sure to check out the Fagatele Bay Marine Sanctuary which features life-filled coral reefs and untouched seascapes that attract many migrating animals and provide a place of protection for several local species. This destination is also a great place for shore diving, especially Tutulia which is “ringed by coral reefs.”

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