Who Knew Ski Rentals Included Sexy Ski Bunnies

In a perfect rental world, my daughter would have a dog. I would have a maid, and my husband would have a ski bunny. Confused? Don’t be. Simply put, all are available for rent.

I would elaborate on the topics of dog rentals and maids for rent, but let’s be real. You want to know how you can land a hottie to hit it…the slopes, that is.

Ski BunniesTheir tag line really says it all: Ski-Bunnies. Com “Gorgeous Ski Companions.” These gals are sexy, and they know it. The first full sentence on their website reads, “We are all attractive, sexy ski-bunnies eager to be invited by you on your next ski holiday.” I decided to do some research, because, well, it’s Monday, and what better way to start off the week than look at pictures of women I’ll never look like no matter how hard I try.

On the homepage, you can see a picture of the top 6 “bunnies” based on their proficiency in skiing. (Yeah, right.) And if you’re not in to women whatsoever, you can also read a little personal bio of each. Based strictly on their pictures, I’m going to say the women fall under one of three categories – Glamour Shot Pro, Lonely Housewife, and Barely Legal. But let’s find out more about our rascally rabbits. Bunny Dominika’s bio reads,

“Beautiful Dominika can speed down the most testing of slopes – enjoy the challenge of keeping up with her, whether it be on the piste, the dance-floor or back at the hotel! With Dominika at your side, you can be sure of having an amazing ski holiday. Highly recommended!”

My favorite part of Dom’s profile is the last part – “high recommended!”  I bet she’s highly recommended considering her description basically says she has no problem taking care of your snowballs after a long day of skiing.

I believe I’ve expended enough of my bosses’ money writing on this topic. Therefore, if you would like to learn more about what satisfied customer testimonials have reviewed by saying: “I’ve never seen such a bright smile with teeth whiter than Chinese bone…,” “Ella is very tactile…,” “Very open to my wishes and requests…,” “The girls were top drawer,” then feel free. I, on the other hand, am going to spend the next ten minutes of my life wondering what the f has happened to our world.

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