Sleep Warm on Your Next Winter Camping Trip

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Generally speaking, camping is an activity that’s most enjoyed when the temperatures are well above freezing. Sure, conditions can vary depending on the destination and even summer nights can get a little chilly in warmer parts of the country, but I don’t think anyone would prefer to freeze their butt off in a tent in the dead of winter.

But what if they do? Fortunately, the fine folks at Wyoming Tribune Eagle have some advice for those campers. Below is their list of tips, written by contributor Amber Travsky, for sleeping warm on a winter camping trip.

  1. Make sure you have plenty insulation under your sleeping bag. For winter months, add a closed-cell pad beneath your sleeping bag and avoid air mattresses “which have too much open space for your body to heat.”
  2. Line your sleeping bag with a fleece or wool blanket or use a sleeping bag liner. Doing so can add 10 degrees onto your bag’s rating.
  3. Use a bivy sack, even if you’re in a tent, to add another 10 degrees of warmth.
  4. Warm up your bag with a bottle or two of hot water. Simply fill two plastic bottles, slip them in a sock, and then place them in your bag before climbing in.
  5. Sleep with long underwear, socks, and a warm hat and bring a jacket into the bag with you to sleep on. Stuff any excess clothes to the foot of the bag to fill the dead space and keep the bag nice and warm.
  6. Eat a high-calorie snack right before hitting the sack to give the body extra fuel for staying warm.
  7. Lay a shirt around your neck and along the tops of your shoulders after you’ve settled into the bag to keep cold air from rushing in when you move.
  8. Do a few quick exercises – jumping jacks or pushups – before heading to bed to warm the body up and help heat up the bag.

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