Segway Rides Given to Students as a Reward

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Back in elementary school, students who answered a question correctly, did well on a test, or exhibited good behavior were given gold stars. My, how things have changed. Across the country in Williams, Arizona, students at Williams Elementary-Middle School aren’t awarded stickers for a job well done. They’re given a spin on a Segway instead.

Recently donated to the school, the Segway is being used by school administrators as an incentive for students who earn good grades and have good behavior. The Segway, a two-wheeled self-balancing electric vehicle, was donated by a community member who wanted to see it go somewhere where both kids and adults could use it. According to an article in the Williams-Grand Canyon News, the plan is to let students of the month and others who have good grades, attendance, and behavior to ride the Segway for 10 minutes at recess.

Students will be required to have their parents’ permission, wear helmets, and complete a safety orientation before hopping on board. Due to weight requirements, only students in grades three and up will be allowed to ride. As an additional safety measure, the school’s Segway model has three keys – black, yellow, and red – that will allow school administrators to regulate the vehicle’s speed when students are operating it. At top speed, the Segway will travel at 16 miles per hour. Can a gold star do that?

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