Montana Locator Beacon and GoPro Rental

Montana Snowmobiling

Montana is a snowmobile enthusiast’s dream come true. Hundreds of miles of snow covered trails to lose yourself in more ways than one. Rent It Today is dedicated to making sure that when you hit the Montana back country on your snowmobile, you’ll be safe with a trusty GPS and locator beacon rental.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching Survivorman and I Shouldn’t Be Alive, it’s how unexpectedly easy it is to find yourself in a precarious life or death position when exploring the outdoors. One second you’re whipping through the winter wonderland on your snowmobile with a gleeful smile on your face, the next you’re frantically looking at a wrinkled map under a pen flashlight because you don’t know where on earth you’re at as the sun begins to set. In subarctic temperatures, with snow up to your waistline, and an empty stomach, that’s a mighty uneasy feeling.

Two Top SnowmobileOutdoor Equipment Unlimited has you covered the next time you take a snowmobile tour through West Yellowstone, Montana with their selection of personal locator beacon rentals. The most popular tracker they offer is the ACR ResQlink Plus. The battery life exceeds the required 24 hours at -40 degrees Fahrenheit. These little lifesavers fit easily in your jacket pocket, providing you a safe insurance policy in case you wander too far off the beaten path.

Feel like filming your snowmobile expedition? Rent It Today offers HD GoPro camera rentals, ready to be shipped directly to you. Make your own Survivorman video to show the grandkids someday. Minus the anxiety which accompanies possibly becoming lost.

If you’re in the West Yellowstone area, be sure to contact Two Top Snowmobile Rentals. West Yellowstone is the snowmobile capital of the world and Two Top provides snowmobiles for beginner as well as experienced riders. During a tour atop one of their vehicles, you can take in the natural beauty of Montana’s wildlife including bison, elk, and bald eagles.

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3 thoughts on “Montana Locator Beacon and GoPro Rental

  • LesCourtney

    It is dream of mine to be able to hike the entire length of the Appalachian Trail. You better believe when I finally get to I will have one of these with me lol.