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At some point in a man’s life, the chances are pretty good he’s going to receive an invite to a black tie event. Whether it’s a wedding, a charity ball, or the Oscars, a black tie event calls for a tuxedo, preferably one that makes a man stand out in a good way. Up to this point, men have been left with one of two options: Drop hundreds of dollars on a tuxedo they may not ever wear (or fit into) again or swing by the rental shop in the strip mall in town for an ill-fitting and unflattering suit.

Fortunately, thanks to the men behind Black Tux (, men everywhere now have a go-to option for rental formal wear. Based in Los Angeles, the company offers just three styles of slim (non-polyester) suits, two types of shirts, and bow ties in select colors. Suits rent for between $95 and $120 and a shirt is just $15. Need shoes? The site has pairs available for $20.

Founded by Patrick Coyne and Andrew Blackmon, the site doesn’t charge for return postage or require the suits be dry-cleaned before they are shipped back. So how does it work? It’s pretty simple, really. Men in need of a rental suit submit their measurements online (a local tailor can assist with this part) and the ensemble arrives a week before the event. If the suit doesn’t look or fit perfectly, the company will send out a new one immediately.

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