Been Told to Take a Hike? Here are a Few Places You Could Go

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Has your significant other or boss grown tired of your shenanigans and recently told you to take a hike? Don’t let it get you down. Although I’m almost positive they weren’t telling you to actually take a hike, you might as well use this opportunity to get out of town, clear your head, and have a little fun, right? Of course! To help get you started, we’ve shared a list of the best places to hike in North America courtesy of U.S. News and World Report. Take a look and then take that hike.

  1. Yosemite – The most popular trails, including the Half Dome, can be found in the park’s valley area but you’ll find more “space and tranquility in the backcountry.”
  2. Yellowstone – The famous national park offers more than 1,000 miles of hiking trails across two million acres of land. Popular routes can be found in the Canyon and Norris areas and the Continental Divide Trail.
  3. Kauai – The 11-mile Kauai trail offers scenic cliff sides but will certainly test the hiker’s stamina. Nature lovers should check out Waimea Canyon’s verdant paths.
  4. Banff – Renowned for its many hiking areas, Banff offers 80 pristine trails and “striking vistas” of the Rocky Mountains and various rock formations.
  5. Hawaii – The Big Island – Strap on your boots and head out for Hawai’I Volcanoes National Park or Hakalau Forest for gorgeous views of cascading waterfalls and fuming volcanoes.
  6. Acadia National Park – Located in Maine, this park offers a “variety of expeditions.” Hikers can trek unspoiled paths traversing the wilderness and animal-lovers can watch as harbor seals sun themselves on cliff-side rocks.
  7. Sedona – Walk past majestic red rock canyons and New Age “vortexes” in Sedona. History buffs might also enjoy visiting ancient Hopi dwellings at the Palatki Heritage Site.
  8. Jackson Hole – A laid-back destination, Jackson Hole, Wyoming offers a variety of routes and trails for all different types of skill levels. Take in the Grand Tetons and keep an eye out for local wildlife.
  9. Grand Canyon – Avoid the crowds by traveling the paths along the North Rim. Other notable trails include Bright Angel Trail and the Rim Trail.
  10. Adirondacks – Featuring steep trails, the Adirondacks offers nice and comfortable temperatures for hiking during the summer months. Sarana Lake and Tupper Lake are two outposts worth visiting.

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