Pop-Up Rentals Provide Housing for Young Entrepreneurs in San Francisco

Photo courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

Photo courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

Have you ever lived with a roommate? What about ten roommates? Have you ever slept in a converted closet or laundry room so you could chase a dream? In San Francisco, stories like these are becoming more and more common as individuals looking to launch the next big start-up move into the area.

According to a recent story at SFGate.com, the “City by the Bay” grew by 7,500 people in 2013 yet San Francisco added just 200 new units during that time. As a result, many young entrepreneurs have been forced to pay high rents (almost three times the national average) or seek out more affordable (and often times more creative) housing options.

To meet growing demand, pop-up housing is becoming increasingly common in the city. From laundry rooms to top bunks, these arrangements, though often times illegal and in violation of current zoning codes, seem to be fine for many of the young tech workers who possess an “entrepreneurial individuality” and express an “interest in back-to-nature minimalism” that lends itself inventive living spaces.

Although the city has approved plans for 375 micro apartments to be developed, the rise in pop-up housing is expected to continue so long as the need for living space exists.

What are your thoughts on pop-housing? Creative or just plain crazy?

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