New Gadgets to Help Boost Your Golf Experience in 2014

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You wouldn’t know by walking outside, but golf season is right around the corner. In January, the PGA hosted their annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida and there were several great products on display for the thousands of golfers making their way through the event. From stand bags to tracking radars, this year’s show had it all. Although there are no guarantees that any of it can improve your game, it certainly can’t hurt it. Below are just a few of the featured products of the show courtesy Gary Van Sickle for

Oakley’s Factory Lite Stand Bag – At just 2.85 pounds, the Factory Lite stand bag is the lightest on the market. The bag’s skin, made from a lighter, stronger material, is puncture and abrasion-proof and the full-length zipper pocket has been replaced by a smaller one. Additionally, the bag also features simplified straps made from EVA foam and aluminum legs instead of heavier steel or aluminum.

Bridgestone’s True Balance Putter – The putter, which can balance on its own, features a lightweight graphite shaft, a light EVA foam grip, and a balance point that’s less than five inches from the putter’s sole. According to Van Sickle, the putter has a good overall feel and almost swings itself like a pendulum.

PutterWheel Practice Balls – A simple yet sophisticated practice ball, the PutterWheel looks like “a tiny hubcap.” It’s red wheel-liner helps to ensure you are lined up properly and the product encourages a correctly aimed stroke (failing to hit the ball squarely will cause the PutterWheel to wobble off kilter).

Flightscope Xi – Designed to be the smallest and lightest tracking radar in golf, this product gives you real-time stats – clubhead speed, trajectory, ball spin rates, etc. – and can he hooked up to your smartphone for viewing. Although it’s pricey ($2,500), it’s less than the fourth of the cost of its bigger and more extensive parent the Flightscope X2.

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