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Where to rent an elbow CPM machine


Rent It Today is a proud partner with leading providers of durable medical equipment (DME) , including cpm machine rentals.

CPM machines are used for patients who are currently recovering from injury or surgery involving the knee joint, shoulder joint, or elbow joint.

Knee CPM MachineKnee CPM machine rentals are often prescribed to patients who’ve had knee replacement surgery. Knee CPM machines help restore Knee CPM Rentalrange of motion, prevent scar tissue and help reduce swelling. Some of the surgeries these machines are used for include ACL repair, microfracture surgery, open reduction and internal fixation, and natural tissue graft among others.

Elbow CPM Machine – These elbow CPM machine rentals are often used for the treatment of diseases and injury to the elbow joint. By using this device post-operation, you’ll be able to limit the amount of stiffness while increasing overall function. Indications for use include synovectomies, anthroplasty, contusions, flexor-extensor muscle repairs and burns.

Shoulder CPM Machine – Prescribed after rotator cuff repair, total shoulder replacement and after a should release. They are designed to increase range of motion.

Prescribed CPM machines are usually covered under most insurance plan benefit programs. Visit Rent It Today’s CPM machine rental providers through our medical equipment rental store here.

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