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C Arm

C-Arm systems are some of the most rented medical instruments in the healthcare industry. The refurbished medical imaging industry is booming with insiders predicting a $8.45 billion global market by the year 2017. Rent It Today and Multi Imager have teamed up to provide you the best selection of medical imaging devices nationwide, with our variety of C-Arm listings.

According to Kristopher Derentz, National Sales & Marketing at Multi Imager, the number one rental is surgical C-Arm systems. With a client base of doctors offices, outpatient surgical centers, and hospitals, Multi Imager has established itself as a premier provider in the medical equipment rental industry.

Why Rent C-Arm Systems?

There are several reasons healthcare facilities rent refurbished medical equipment.  We’ve broken some of  those down below that include the benefits of renting versus owning:

  1. Current system down for repair – When your current C-Arm system fails or needs repairs, renting is the wisest economic option until the established equipment is in operating order.

  2. Low patient volume – If you’re a smaller clinic with doctors that bring in only two or less surgical cases per week, it makes sense to spend a nominal fee renting instead of investing a large sum on a purchase.

  3. Test drive – “Try before you buy” is a great concept when offering a new specialty and want to give the doctor a practice period before committing the capital to purchase x-ray image intensifiers.

  4. New facility – Start up clinics often need to pinch pennies to make sure they get all faces of their new medical practice business up and running, rendering less funding for ownership of high dollar medical equipment.

  5. Credit issues – Current credit issues will prevent clientele from obtaining an equipment lease. Often times they’re a new corporation with no credit history, tax lien, divorce alimony, back child support, etc.

Multi Imager LogoMulti Imager offers a full line of refurbished full size c-arms, compact c-arms and mini c-arms by brands such as GE/OEC, Siements, Philips, Hologic, and Orthoscan. Renting from Multi Imager comes with guaranteed fixed costs, with all services on the unit covered while it’s rented. There’s never cost surprises.

Find more information on Multi-Imager’s inventory of diagnostic medical equipment rentals, including item descriptions and images, by visiting their rental store on Rent It Today.

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