Celebrate a Healthy Heart by Enlisting an AED Rental

Heart Month

If there’s one health concern facing Americans today, it’s the potential risk of heart disease through many of today’s leading causes–stress, anxiety, smoking,  and poor food choices. Rent It Today has outlined a list of steps heart patients can take to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Debrillator Rental

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Prevention Tips


Eat healthy – This cannot be emphasized enough. Many of us fall short when it comes to the guide of healthy diet expectations. It’s paramount toHeart Month the ensured safety of your heart that you eat a balanced diet with less emphasis on sodium and saturated/trans fat meals. Eliminating high sodium counts from your daily diet will drop your blood pressure marginally. Be sure to get the suggested amount of vegetable servings daily, at five.

Exercise – This goes hand in hand with eating right. You can put all of your focus on what foods to stuff down your gullet and lose sight of what matters most–physical activity. Engaging in at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day will help you slim down to a manageable weight and low blood pressure.

Stop smoking – This is a no brainer. Knowing what we know about the long-term effects of tobacco, it’s amazing that people continue to smoke the coffin nails. You cannot quit soon enough if this is a habit for you. If you can’t breathe, oxygen doesn’t get to your blood. When oxygen in your blood is thinned out, it’s all connected to the engine of your body–the heart.

Cut back on the booze – This is another blood pressure elevator. If you’re drinking more than two a day (14 drinks per/wk), then you need to re-evaluate your good time habits.

Check your cholesterol – Have your doctor check your cholesterol levels once every five years. Getting your blood tested is always a great step forward towards a healthier heart.

Even following these helpful tips, one may fall victim to the onset of a sudden heart attack. That’s why having an AED rental accessible in public settings is most important.

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