Must-Dos to Get Your Rental Home Ready for Winter

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As the polar vortex continues to wreak havoc on the eastern part of the country, we figured it would be a good time to share some tips on how to prepare your rental property for winter. Below are a few suggestions from Donna Fuscaldo of FOX Business to get you started:

  1. Plan for disaster – Fuscaldo says that homeowners must be proactive against bad winter. To do that, they should identify potential problems and create an action plan – who to call for help, for example – to resolve the issue quickly.
  2. Create a list of verified service professionals – A crisis isn’t the best time to start looking up and cold calling repairmen, according to Fuscaldo. Rental owners should create a list of local service providers in case of an emergency and also have a neighbor stop by to check-in on the property and/or assess potential damage.
  3. Create and share a storm recovery plan – Fuscaldo suggests that property owners create a disaster recovery plan and share it with renters and guests. The “what-if” action plan should include solutions to problems – think power outages, furnace failure, no running water, etc. – to give both the renter and owner peace of mind.
  4. Prepare the guests for winter hazards – Because guests may not have any knowledge about the conditions outside their environment, Fuscaldo says that rental owners need to prepare their guests about the weather they may encounter at the rental home. Avoiding surprises and creating a “hiccup-free” stay will hopefully create repeat customers, according to Fuscaldo.

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